Avalanche Lake

The three young men cross the river, heading directly for the bears, according to the onlookers.
“Should we tell them?” someone asks. Someone else laughs.
I look with binoculars but do not see any threat. Were they kidding?
Or did the hikers scare the bears away?
“Anyone got a video camera ready?” someone asks. Nervous laughter.
Someone else points to some grizzlies high on a ridge above the men’s heads, and the group watches the mother and cubs saunter through a waterfall, then into a ravine and disappear.
The onlookers start to leave.
Even higher up the cliff, a furry white mountain goat, standing on a ledge hundreds of feet above the ground, gazes down on us and the bears.

The three men lie on the grass at the edge of the lake and doze.


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