I am saddened to see so much vitriol in letters to the editor in the newspaper.  I am especially distressed to read several recent anti-Muslim comments.  In my Christian church, we are taught that “all people are one.” 

 Yes, differences of opinion and belief can be frustrating and maybe scary.  But life would be awfully dull if we were all exactly the same.  Remember that life on this planet is such a miracle!  Look around at how amazing it is that people and animals and plants are the way they are, bring us joy and love, and how the elements exist to give us everything we need. 

 Look at how many planets don’t sustain life, and then look at the abundance and diversity of our Earth.  We are so incredibly fortunate!  I marvel at every moment that all the cells and organs in our bodies have formed the way they have, and how we are capable of this amazing experience of being human.  Celebrate it!  Celebrate each other!   

 Whatever is eating at you, let it go.  We are but tiny specks on a planet that is whirling around in an infinite universe.  We are all connected and we are all in this together.


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