Is global warming for real?

Groups like the American Petroleum Institute, which have spent tens of million dollars on lobbying, say that global warming is a hoax.  Of course these oil companies want to continue our oil dependence because they are making billions of dollars in profits every year.  Don’t be fooled.  They want to scare us into thinking that clean energy legislation will cost Americans dearly.  However, non-partisan research by agencies such as the EPA and DOE say clean energy legislation will cost the average American household somewhere between 23 and 44 cents a day.  Yes, this can be a lot of money for low-income people, but no more than rising gas prices.

The evidence is overwhelming that there are growing climate problems in the world, such as increased blizzards, hurricanes, droughts, and flooding.  Sure, facts alone can’t persuade you if you want to maintain your beliefs.  But what will be the “rewards” for maintaining this denial?  Keeping the status quo is not creating jobs, making our water cleaner, or improving our health.  Even Shell Oil reportedly admitted that the scientific evidence is now overwhelming that climate change is a serious global threat and demands an urgent worldwide response.  Some oil companies are coming around because they are realizing there are serious profits to be made by researching and developing alternative energy in addition to oil.

President George HW Bush initiated the US Global Change Research Program, which was a  20-year megastudy commissioned by Congress.  It was conducted under two Republican and two Democratic presidents, so it is bipartisan.  The 196-page report states: “Observations show that warming of the climate is unequivocal.”  Unequivocal means “leaving no doubt, open to no misunderstanding.”  The report finds that carbon dioxide emissions have already raised average temperatures by as much as 7 degrees Farenheit in parts of the US, shortening winters, lengthening summers, and raising sea levels and water temperatures in ways that have begun to affect human health, farms, coastal areas, and water supplies

The House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming states:  “Global climate change presents one of the gravest threats, not only to our planet’s health, but also to the United States’ economy, national security, and public health.”


Clean Energy Common Sense :  An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change by Frances Beinecke.   Published 2010 by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.  Lanham, Maryland



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