Welcome to NO IMPACT week!

No Impact Week is an 8-day opportunity for individuals and groups to experiment with low-impact living.  It’s a challenge for most people, but also a great way to understand what we really use, what changes we can make, and our own limits.

Step One:  Buy nothing new but food this week.  I went grocery shopping yesterday.  Bought lots of stuff in packaging, which is frustrating.  I’m not aware of any bulk-buying opportunities in Carlsbad.

Today’s goal:  stop  making trash.  This is more difficult, since we have a diabetic cat who is supposed to eat canned food, not dry.  Our recycling center doesn’t accept the cans for recycling, as far as I know.  So they go in the trash–two cans so far today.  Why can’t companies make big cans?  Maybe I’ll have to start a petition on this.

more info:  noimpact.org


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