Sea Turtle Restoration Project : Action Alert

Sea Turtle Restoration Project is calling for:

Improved Oil Spill Response:

• Independent observers on all oil spill response vessels to record wildlife sightings;

• Sea turtle rescuers on all cleanup vessel teams;

• Establishment of a volunteer protocol for wildlife rescue assistance;

• Maintaining of an effective level of search effort for sea turtles and wildlife;

• Endangered species prioritized for rescue and rehabilitation;

• Chemical dispersants and “controlled burns” banned where endangered species are present.

Improved Oil Spill Restoration:

• Funds set aside specifically for restoration of sea turtle nesting beaches and nearshore habitat;

• Full cleanup of nesting beaches, oil free to a depth of 30 inches.

Improved Sea Turtle Protection from Oil and Gas:

• Avoidance of sea turtle breeding, foraging and migration habitat for any new or renewed oil drilling platforms;

• Establishment of protected swimways through the Gulf of Mexico where new oil and gas development is prohibited and existing operations phased out.

Check out the article and sign the petition:

Sea Turtle Restoration Project : Action Alert.


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