New Mexico’s Future — Dreaming New Mexico

good website: New Mexico’s Future — Dreaming New Mexico.

According to a report by Michael Shuman, only 3% of food grown in NM reaches the tables of in-state consumers. This leads to “food insecurity” which means that we are largely dependent on food shipped in, and if shipping costs become prohibitive, we will have trouble providing enough food for our communities.

Hunger and malnutrition are wide-spread.  Healthy, fresh food is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  For every dollar paid for food, 7 cents goes to farmer and 70 cents goes to packaging, marketing, and distribution.  If more local fresh food is distributed at local grocery stores and farm stands, the costs could be reduced, more people have access to healthy and affordable choices, rather than junk food and fast food.

A growing body of evidence, much of it elaborated in The Small-Mart Revolution, suggests that economic development works best when it focuses on

businesses that are locally owned and import-substituting (LOIS). Local ownership means that working control of a company is held within a small geographic area.

Locally owned businesses generally contribute more to the “economic multiplier” than non-local business – which means more income, wealth, jobs,

and taxes – because the former spend more money locally.

  • · While absentee-owned businesses increasingly consider moving to Mexico or

China, with little concern that their exit might throw an abandoned community

into an economic tailspin, businesses anchored locally through own3ership

stay and produce wealth for many years, often many generations.2

  • · Because local businesses tend to stay put, a community with primarily local

businesses can raise labor and environmental standards with confidence that

its businesses will adapt rather than flee.3

  • · A region made up of small, locally owned businesses is better equipped to

promote smart growth and walkable communities, draw tourists through

unique attractions, and retain talented young people who seek entrepreneurial



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