The Straight Dope: Do laundry balls really work?

Catalogs are touting “ionizing” laundry balls to put in the washing machine that lower ph of water and get clothes cleaner.  Do they work?

The Straight Dope: Do laundry balls really work?.

I ordered one and it should arrive in a week or so.  We’ll see…..

From Gigi Starr at eHow: A 1995 review by Consumer Reports found that laundry balls were ineffective. Furthermore, a column by reference writer Cecil Adams also reports that clothing may be getting clean not because of the balls themselves, but from residual detergent accumulated over previous wash cycles.

Green Living Tips advises consumers to shop consciously when purchasing laundry balls. Check to see that the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and that “Earth-friendly” balls actually contain environmentally sound additives. They also advise consumers to read up on companies offering the balls. One past seller, Amway Global, stopped retailing the gadgets in 1997 after finding they weren’t effective.


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