“Tapped” the movie

Evils of plastic water bottles:

1.  toxins in the plastic most likely are leaching into the water we drink.

2.  companies do not release much testing of the water they bottle and sell.  Independent testing found more dangerous water than out of the tap.

3.  companies bottle water at the source, leaving many municipalities to struggle to meet residents’ water demand.  Companies profit on water while cities try to provide clean water for free.  Companies continue to pump and sell water even when the area is in a drought.

4.  plastic bottles fill landfills that we must pay for.

5.  only 20% of water bottles are currently recycled.

6.  plastic, especially water bottles, litter our parks, lakes, and oceans.  Crushed plastic is becoming a component of many beautiful beaches.

7.  plastic is being found in the stomachs of many wild creatures.

8.  plastic uses petroleum, and transporting the bottles uses more petroleum, increasing our dependence on oil.

9.  people who live near bottling plants have very high illness rates.


Get off the plastic bottle.  Your tap water is probably fine.  An inexpensive filter system can help alleviate any concerns.

Carry a refillable water container rather than buying bottled water. Production, transportation, and disposal of bottled water consume large quantities of water (and energy). You can actually conserve water by switching from the bottle to the tap. You can find out how the water quality in your area is here: EPA.gov »

Encourage your state to put a deposit on plastic bottles, just as they do aluminum cans.  These deposits are shown to increase recycling rates.


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