Congressman Pearce blames lizard

Congressman Steve Pearce is blaming owls and lizards as being major obstacles for job growth in New Mexico.  How ridiculous to blame helpless creatures!  The true obstacles to job growth are the taxes and red tape created by bureaucrats like Pearce.  Small business owners must spend most of their time worrying about gross receipts, payroll taxes, worker’s comp, accounting, and legal liabilities than actually providing services. The headache and expense drive many people to quit their small businesses rather than striving to get bigger and hire more employees.  The failure of New Mexico to sufficiently incubate small business is what increases reliance on oil and gas jobs.  These are good jobs, to be sure, but should not be the “only” game in town.

Pearce says the lizard is a threat to WIPP expansion.  This is not true.  Federal projects do Environmental Impact Studies, and remediation to protect endangered animals is taken.

Pearce says the lizard is a threat to oil jobs, but ironically, the oil industry has killed many American jobs.  Over 3000 Gulf oystermen have lost their livelihoods as a result of the BP oil spill.  Congressman Pearce, take responsibility for your own inadequacies and stop demonizing little animals that aren’t hurting anyone.


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