Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste review

This toothpaste is terrible.  I received a sample from the dentist, and it seemed fine, so I bought a larger tube on sale.  Big mistake.  The formulation is different for some reason in the small versus the large tubes, or at least the large tube I purchased.  Maybe I just got a bad batch.  First of all, it is gritty like sand.  Not gum-friendly.  Second, it is slimy, and oozes out of the tube because the cap doesn’t close all the way.  The tube stands on end and the goop seeps out and makes a mess of everything.  I’m going to have to throw it out, which upsets me because I don’t like wasting things.  I even tried  laying the tube on its side and wedging the cap closed, but the leak was even worse.  It’s like a gritty blob trying to devour everything in its path.  Forgive me, teeth and gums, for foisting this product on you.


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