Huggies commercial repulsive

Am I the only one disturbed by the Huggies commercial featuring a baby boy in denim diapers being ogled by women?  The women aren’t melting over his cuteness–the baby is put in an adult situation of getting into an expensive car while the women pull down their sunglasses to gawk.  The camera angle and background music make the toddler look like he is strutting.  I called the company and complained that sexualizing babies is not appropriate or cute or funny.  It’s disturbing.  Too many children are sexually molested to be encouraging the idea that toddlers can act and/or be seen as sexy.  Young children watching the commercial may well get the impression that they should try to be more sophisticated and grown-up to get attention from adults.  Aren’t kids under enough pressure already?  The ads disappeared for a while, but now they’re back, and this time they even seem to be promoting some kind of cause.  Some may say it’s just a commercial and it’s harmless, but there is no such thing as harmless, especially in advertising.  Everything has an impact, good or bad.  We may not be able to prove that x things happened as a result of watching this commercial, but the messages we hear and see do not just disappear.  They linger, especially if we see them over and over.  We need to hold companies accountable for the impact of their advertising, whether overt or subliminal.  Believe me, these companies know exactly what they are doing, and they understand that their commercials are not completely harmless.  They are not innocent, like toddlers should be.


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