Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

 It is appalling that Republicans won’t support Elizabeth Warren to
head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau she created.  The first
mission of the bureau was to protect Military Families. Yes, military
families are preyed upon.  Some have had homes foreclosed while they
were on tour of duty.  That is unconscionable.

Elizabeth Warren is a voice for people who
would otherwise be victims of banks, payday lenders, and other
“creditors.”  I hope she will run for the Senate, and for President
someday.  She is a brilliant, compassionate, capable leader. 

The idea that Republicans have tried to prevent, undermine, sabotage, and under-fund the new bureau is disgraceful. 

Anyone who thinks that government regulation is unnecessary is
sadly under-informed about the plight people suffer who are trying to
pay their bills but don’t have the resources, time, or guidance to always
understand the “fine print” and technicalities of finance.   (See the documentary Maxedout  if you want to learn more about how banks prey upon the poor:

Have Republicans already forgotten the banking crisis and the housing bubble caused by the finance industry?  Have they forgotten the hundreds of thousands of their constituents who have lost their homes?  Have they forgotten that banks took bailout money and bought fancy bathrooms and executive bonuses?  And they think these entities can police themselves??!!

“Good” people, in my book, stand up for the underdog, not the brokers of power.    Support the consumer financial protection bureau, and thank Elizabeth Warren for being the champion of us little guys. 

CFPB > Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


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