Review of Salon Lofts

I bought a groupon for a haircut at Salon Lofts, and went to the website to make an appointment at the location on 4th street in St. Pete.  I was disappointed that only one stylist was listed as accepting groupon, but he had some enthusiastic comments, so I booked an appointment online for the following day.

The next morning, I drove to the location to find that no one greeted me.  There was a lobby and a list of stylists, but no photographs.  Although I would have recognized his picture from the internet, I had forgotten my stylist’s name, so I wandered down the hall for a minute, then went on my iphone to the salon lofts website and found the stylist.  He was in “loft #6” so I walked down the hall past 4,5…7,8….no number 6.   I stopped and asked a woman where number 6 was, and she pointed me to where I had just come from.  I backtracked, and asked another woman, who told me 6 was all the way in the back, but that they guy I was looking for wasn’t in on Fridays.  I found number 6 and sure enough, it was locked.  I called the cell phone number listed, but got voice mail.  I left a message and never did hear back from him.  I searched online and found the manager of the SalonLofts and complained to her about my frustration.  She offered to set me up with an appointment with a stylist at Tyrone square, but I decided just to ask groupon for my money back.  They complied.

Sooo…if you make an online appointment, especially within 24 hours of the appointment, I highly recommend you call to confirm.  I had received an email confirmation, so don’t count on that.  Also make sure you have the name and loft number of your stylist if you’ve never been there before, and don’t expect a receptionist to greet you and explain where you need to go.


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