Newt Ginrich started the downward spiral of Congress

Why isn’t Congress working?  Why do Republican leaders put their hatred of President Obama above the welfare of American citizens?

It all started with Newt Gingrich being Speaker of the House.  According to Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper, a long-time representative, the beginning of the decline is clear.

Under House Speaker Tip O’Neill, both parties worked together and compromised.  Not so under Gingrich.

Upon becoming Speaker, Gingrich promptly dismantled the Democratic Study Group, which analyzed bills.  The service was used by both Republicans and Democrats to understand what they were voting on.  ” Today,” Cooper says, “the ignorance around here is staggering. Nobody has any idea what they’re voting on.”

“We no longer search for the best ideas or the best policies,” Cooper is quoted as saying. “There was only one health care bill offered. Now you are either an ally or a traitor.”

This current Congressional atmosphere of vitriol and stagnation was created and fostered by Newt Gingrich.  And he wants to be President?  NO WAY.


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