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From Pesticide Action Network North America

Dead beeHoney bees in crisis

Dan Rather uncovers policy failures behind Colony Collapse Disorder. Watch the report.

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It doesn’t make the news anymore because it’s become “normal.” But the problem hasn’t disappeared: honey bees are still dying off at an average rate of 34% per year. Beekeepers, biologists and farmers alike will tell you this can’t go on. The math doesn’t work.

Support reporting that doesn’t back down» Last week, after many months of the kind of deep journalism that has become all too rare, Dan Rather’s investigative team aired a hard-hitting piece that lays bare the policy failures behind Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and zeros in on neonicotinoid pesticides. You can see the episode here. Help us share the story far and wide.

The problem in five words? “The chemical companies do the testing.” To quote a key passage of this piece:

Rather: “The chemical companies do the testing?”
Beekeeper Steve Ellis: “Yes, they design the tests, they conduct the tests and they pay for the tests.”
Rather: “Not the EPA?”
Ellis: “Not the EPA.”

Take Action» The politics behind how we regulate pesticides in the U.S. has a long history that runs deep. Yet this fact is simple: chemical companies test their own products for safety. And it should be a scandal. Help us give this story the national platform it deserves: watch Dan Rather’s report and tell five friends.

Thanks so much for spreading the word.



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