Occupy Tampa goals

I attended the Occupy Tampa demonstration this week.  It was a wonderful event, with hundreds of people carrying signs and meeting in small groups to discuss what can be done to change the plutocracy we now have in this country back to a democracy.  People I talk to, and the media covering the events, keeps asking :  “what do you want?  Why don’t you have a clear goal?”  Everyone wants to dismiss this movement because it can’t be pigeon-holed, but events that can be pigeon-holed get dismissed as being “marginal.”  So, I think it’s important that the rallies reflect the many different issues that are on people’s minds.  Yes, I believe this is a movement, and not just an event.  There is momentum here, and it is going to increasingly gain traction because so many people are disgusted with our politicians right now.

What do “we want” in the Occupy demonstrations?   It’s not simple to define.   We all have different conceptions of what exactly the problem is, or  how to fix the problems.  All we can say is that the political system is broken, and it seems largely to do with corporate greed.   Corporations seem to have more rights than people.  Corporations have purchased Congress and the Supreme Court.  Corporations have polluted our land and water, kicked people out of their homes, killed people by denying them health care, and often pay little or no federal taxes.  Now, since we can’t outlaw greed in this country, we can’t easily foment a cohesive approach to remedy the situation.  We are going to have to be creative, and that takes discussion.  It takes getting people’s interest and attention.  That is the purpose of these rallies.

When our elected officials are calling peaceful demonstrations a “mob” it is obvious that they aren’t listening to the people.  THAT is the essence of the problem.  Congress should be listening to the voters, not lobbyists.


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