About Working America

Not able to join a union at your workplace?  You can join Working America….

Working America, community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, is a powerful force for working people. We combine the strength of 10 million union men and women and millions of workers without the benefit of a workplace union who share common challenges and goals to fight in communities, states and nationally for what really matters–good jobs, affordable health care, world-class education, secure retirements, real homeland security and more. We work against wrong-headed priorities favoring the rich and corporate special interests over America’s well-being. Working America uses professional research, communication, education, canvassing, lobbying and community organizing to demand that politicians address the priorities that matter most to working people–not just wealthy special interests. Make a difference for your community, for America and for your working family. Click here to learn about the benefits of Working America membership. Help build a better future for working families by joining today. Click here to join.

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