Against the death penalty

Dear Governor Scott:

Stop executing prisoners.  The death penalty is contributing to the “blood lust” in Florida, where people wanted to see Casey Anthony executed, even though she was found innocent.  The “blood lust” mentality was also seen at a Republican gathering when people cheered about a man dying for lack of health insurance.
We should be more civilized than that.
Here are some more reasons to eliminate the death penalty:
1) Death penalty states are seen as barbaric by visitors.  We lose out on tourist dollars from people boycotting Florida due to its death penalty policy.
2) The program is expensive.
3)  There is no 100% absolute certainty that the person is guilty.
4) Many prisoners have repented. Many of their victims have forgiven them.  Why play God and determine who deserves to die?
5)  No current methods of execution are free of pain or suffering.  It is torture and murder.
6)  Jesus would not have endorsed executing people.
7) Buddha would not have endorsed killing people.
8) Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr. would not have advocated killing people.
Please stop it.



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