could industrial hemp farming create jobs?

The documentary HEMPSTERS makes a good argument for legalizing industrial hemp farming.  Hemp is not the same as marijuana because the THC level in hemp is negligible.  Hemp is a strong fiber that could create a lot of paper products, thereby saving trees.  It also can be used for clothing, and is reportedly easier to grow than cotton, requiring less pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.  That’s good for the environment.  It is also reportedly a fantastic crop for rotating fields because it helps balance soil health.

In the film, they highlight many farmers who say industrial hemp may be the solution they need to be able to make farming sustainable, especially with tobacco in less and less demand.  Small farmers are having difficulty competing with large, commercialized farms.  Industrial (and food-grade) hemp may be the answer to keeping farms viable.

There seem to be a million reasons to legalize hemp.  It’s very nutritious, and a good source of protein.

The only good argument against hemp is that law enforcement may confuse hemp with marijuana.  But the movie addresses that hemp plants can be grown close together, whereas marijuana plants need to be spaced far apart.  So…if a farmer is growing plants close together, it is hemp, not pot.  And… apparently the hemp cross-pollinates the marijuana and nullifies the THC…so hemp farms could help naturally eradicate illegal marijuana….

“In China they have 100,000 (hemp-related) jobs. They’ve now developed the most modern textile mill in the world, and it’s designed specifically for hemp,” activist Adam Eidinger says. Are we going to fall behind China in this area, too?

Obviously, the U.S. needs to seek progressive ways to create jobs.  Legalizing industrial hemp farms would not only create farming jobs, but also create new companies to process the hemp, make it into paper, clothing, and food items, as well as the manufacture and marketing of these products.  It is a win-win soon as people understand that hemp is not a drug.  Help spread the word.


2 thoughts on “could industrial hemp farming create jobs?

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  2. I have not seen the documentary…yet, but I will try to find it and check it out. With everything I am learning about this amazing plant, I don’t see ANYTHING negative about it! I agree that it would get the American farmers profiting again, create jobs, clean up our environment and boost our economy. Not only that, I recently spoke with someone from Indiana who said it still grows wild out there and the government spends lots of money to send people out to destroy it! I think our taxes could go to a better use than that!

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