Say NO to Indefinite Detention and Endless Worldwide War

According to several human rights-watch organizations, the U.S. Senate has passed a version of the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA that includes a dangerous provision authorizing the U.S. military to pick up and imprison civilians — including Americans — without charge or trial, anywhere in the world. The provisions were negotiated by a few senators — in secret — and without proper Congressional review. The House of Representatives earlier passed its own version of the NDAA that authorizes worldwide war, and worldwide indefinite detention, even within America itself.  And now, the House and Senate are meeting in secret to write a final version and find a way to rush this outrageous affront to our constitutional rights to President Obama’s desk.

Author Dave Eggers has written about a man in New Orleans who was detained after Hurricane Katrina on suspicion of “looting.”   Zeitoun was held without charge, without a phone call, without a lawyer, without arraignment.  He was not even allowed to let his wife know what had happened….he had simply disappeared.  She tried but could not confirm that he was in jail.  He was denied medical care.  He was called a terrorist.

This sort of police state is unthinkable in America.  I was disgusted that it happened during such a crisis.  We should not make it a norm.


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