Don’t give up on drinkable tap water.

The more we resign ourselves to purchasing bottled water, the more power these companies have over our lives. We may think it’s a necessity to go to the store and purchase clean, pure water to drink. We lift heavy cases or bottles into our carts, cars, and homes, stacking and storing them. What if we expended this effort instead toward lobbying city officials to ensure that our tap water is just as pure? Besides saving ourselves money and strain, we could be helping to provide the same access to drinking water by the elderly, poor, and others who may not have the ability to go buy bottled water or have a fancy filtration system installed in their homes. Developing countries such as Bolivia are seeing drinking water as a public right, not something to be made profitable. Shouldn’t the United States at least be as civilized?

Besides, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, bottled water is bad for the environment, and often exploits the community which provides the water for the bottling company.  And don’t forget that chemicals from the plastic may be leaching into the water and causing health problems.


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