About Me

SilentLoudmouth is constantly amazed at this incredible adventure of being human on Earth.  To think of all the miraculous coincidences that had to happen for us to be here is truly mind-boggling.  When compared to other planets, the landscape on Earth is staggering in beauty and harmony.  I celebrate every day by marveling at the texture of cat fur and feeling gratitude for all the joy and abundance in my life.


4 thoughts on “About Me

    • I liked your video! I saw the nasty comment and that is the kind of backlash I fear as we try to spread the message of low-impact sustainability. How do we get people to “convert” to a greener way of life without preaching and being called hypocrites? hmmmm.

  1. I was interested in your blog on the evils of plastic water bottles, and was wondering if you could tell me your background, or your sources so I can justify the credibility of the information presented for a project some students are working on.

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