Pet problems? Try an animal communicator

Too many animals end up at shelters because of behavior problems.  One of our cats was driving me crazy, so I contacted Eve, an animal communicator.  She blew me away, describing in detail the cat’s favorite game, which I had not told Eve about and she could not possibly have guessed (because it is very odd).   The cat’s behavior improved dramatically after the consultation, so we used Eve again when another cat started knocking things off shelves and counters….

Amazingly, Eve does not have to meet the animal in person.  She can work from a photograph and a description of the concern or question.

Her fee is very reasonable, and she also offers gift certificates!  What a great gift for pet owners you know…whether they complain about an animal’s behavior, or just want to learn more about what makes the creature happy.

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Say NO to Indefinite Detention and Endless Worldwide War

According to several human rights-watch organizations, the U.S. Senate has passed a version of the National Defense Authorization Act NDAA that includes a dangerous provision authorizing the U.S. military to pick up and imprison civilians — including Americans — without charge or trial, anywhere in the world. The provisions were negotiated by a few senators — in secret — and without proper Congressional review. The House of Representatives earlier passed its own version of the NDAA that authorizes worldwide war, and worldwide indefinite detention, even within America itself.  And now, the House and Senate are meeting in secret to write a final version and find a way to rush this outrageous affront to our constitutional rights to President Obama’s desk.

Author Dave Eggers has written about a man in New Orleans who was detained after Hurricane Katrina on suspicion of “looting.”   Zeitoun was held without charge, without a phone call, without a lawyer, without arraignment.  He was not even allowed to let his wife know what had happened….he had simply disappeared.  She tried but could not confirm that he was in jail.  He was denied medical care.  He was called a terrorist.

This sort of police state is unthinkable in America.  I was disgusted that it happened during such a crisis.  We should not make it a norm.

HEMP SEED: The Most Nutritionally Complete Food Source In The World

It amazes me that with all the obesity, diabetes, and general ill-health of the American public, that we are overlooking a major nutritional food source:  hemp.

I once was drinking a smoothie at work that had hemp powder in it, turning it a weird beige color.  A co-worker asked me why my fruit drink was brown, and I answered “I add hemp powder.”  He immediately covered his ears and said “too much information,” walking away before I could clarify that hemp is not marijuana.

This misconception seems to be common; I have a difficult time finding hemp powder, even in health food stores.   One grocery store carries hemp milk, but it is very expensive.  Sometimes I buy it anyway, just to encourage the store to keep carrying it and perhaps stock more hemp products.

Here is a link to an exceptional article about the nutritional value of hemp:  HEMP SEED: The Most Nutritionally Complete Food Source In The World.

could industrial hemp farming create jobs?

The documentary HEMPSTERS makes a good argument for legalizing industrial hemp farming.  Hemp is not the same as marijuana because the THC level in hemp is negligible.  Hemp is a strong fiber that could create a lot of paper products, thereby saving trees.  It also can be used for clothing, and is reportedly easier to grow than cotton, requiring less pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.  That’s good for the environment.  It is also reportedly a fantastic crop for rotating fields because it helps balance soil health.

In the film, they highlight many farmers who say industrial hemp may be the solution they need to be able to make farming sustainable, especially with tobacco in less and less demand.  Small farmers are having difficulty competing with large, commercialized farms.  Industrial (and food-grade) hemp may be the answer to keeping farms viable.

There seem to be a million reasons to legalize hemp.  It’s very nutritious, and a good source of protein.

The only good argument against hemp is that law enforcement may confuse hemp with marijuana.  But the movie addresses that hemp plants can be grown close together, whereas marijuana plants need to be spaced far apart.  So…if a farmer is growing plants close together, it is hemp, not pot.  And… apparently the hemp cross-pollinates the marijuana and nullifies the THC…so hemp farms could help naturally eradicate illegal marijuana….

“In China they have 100,000 (hemp-related) jobs. They’ve now developed the most modern textile mill in the world, and it’s designed specifically for hemp,” activist Adam Eidinger says. Are we going to fall behind China in this area, too?

Obviously, the U.S. needs to seek progressive ways to create jobs.  Legalizing industrial hemp farms would not only create farming jobs, but also create new companies to process the hemp, make it into paper, clothing, and food items, as well as the manufacture and marketing of these products.  It is a win-win soon as people understand that hemp is not a drug.  Help spread the word.

In 2007, a memorial (HR49) has passed the New Mexico House of Representatives requesting and urging the New Mexico State Board of Regents to undertake a study on the viability of a legal industrial hemp industry in New Mexico.  Industrial hemp has less than three-tenths of one percent THC,  not to be confused with marijuana.

Lawmakers urged that an “in-depth economic analysis address the benefits of a legal hemp industry in New Mexico and the long-term impacts of establishing proper permitting and licensing procedures. The economic analysis shall attempt to determine the costs and benefits associated with encouraging economic development in various areas, including textiles, pulping products for paper, biocomposites and building materials, animal bedding, nutritional products for livestock, industries related to seed extraction and resins for potential biofuels, lubricants, paints and inks, cosmetics, body care products and nutritional supplements.”

Industrial hemp is currently produced in more than thirty nations, including Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Romania, Australia and China. The United States is, by far, the largest consumer of industrial hemp products. Our manufacturers import millions of dollars worth of hemp seed and fiber every year and annual sales of hemp foods in the United States is growing rapidly.

The New Mexico legislature has recognized that industrial hemp is a high-value, low-input crop that is not genetically modified, requires no pesticides, can be dryland farmed and uses less fertilizer than wheat or corn – both of which are grown here.

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Against the death penalty

Dear Governor Scott:

Stop executing prisoners.  The death penalty is contributing to the “blood lust” in Florida, where people wanted to see Casey Anthony executed, even though she was found innocent.  The “blood lust” mentality was also seen at a Republican gathering when people cheered about a man dying for lack of health insurance.
We should be more civilized than that.
Here are some more reasons to eliminate the death penalty:
1) Death penalty states are seen as barbaric by visitors.  We lose out on tourist dollars from people boycotting Florida due to its death penalty policy.
2) The program is expensive.
3)  There is no 100% absolute certainty that the person is guilty.
4) Many prisoners have repented. Many of their victims have forgiven them.  Why play God and determine who deserves to die?
5)  No current methods of execution are free of pain or suffering.  It is torture and murder.
6)  Jesus would not have endorsed executing people.
7) Buddha would not have endorsed killing people.
8) Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr. would not have advocated killing people.
Please stop it.


The Spiritual Activist Movement

The Spiritual Activist Pledge:

1. Acknowledge that we are one.

2. Become accountable for our impact, individually and collectively.

3. Build a mutually supportive world by choosing the highest good of all.

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Tampa Bay Time Bank

A time bank is a great way to connect with others and share services, such as yard work, tutoring, maintenance, and recreation.   You donate an hour of your time to someone, and then can request an hour from someone else.  Everyone’s time is equal.  Tampa Bay has a time bank…check it out!

Global Sufficiency Network

Global Sufficiency Network is an international network of citizens, thought leaders, organizations and businesses that advocate for a world based in sufficiency. “Sufficiency” is a state of mind of enough where we experience an appreciation of all that we have and all that we are. In sufficiency, we are naturally called to serve the greater good and experience ourselves as generous, courageous, grateful, and fulfilled.

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The Freeconomy Community’s aim is to help reconnect people in their local communities through the simple act of sharing. Not only is sharing our resources better for the environment, it saves you money and builds friendships with those people who live closest to you. It is what we call a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Everything is shared for FREE on Freeconomy, and no money changes hands between members.

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