GasHole Review

The documentary Gashole talks about inventors who have supposedly developed automobile engines that can get over 100 miles to the gallon.  These inventions were either purchased by the oil companies and buried, or in one case, the inventor turned up dead.  We all know, on some level, that the technology is out there to improve gas mileage in cars.  We all also inherently accept that the oil industry wants demand to continue to grow for gasoline, and spends millions of dollars contributing to political campaigns in order to assure this. Why aren’t we more angry about this, especially after the gulf oil spill?

Think how many jobs could be created by retro-fitting cars with either biodiesel engines, or improved combustion engines!

In one very telling segment of the documentary, oil company executives are supposed to testify in front of a congressional committee and answer questions about gas prices.  The chairperson, who received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from oil companies, refused to swear in the executives.  They were never bound to tell the truth, so what good was the hearing?  It was a joke.

It is obvious that oil and gas companies are either not actively pursuing, or most likely actively undermining efforts to develop new technologies that would reduce our dependence on oil.  It simply is not in their best interest.  I don’t see how anyone can still buy into the Atlas Shrugged fantasy that corporate greed is good, when we see water in Wyoming being poisoned by fracking chemicals, and we see the polar ice caps melting while our cars still guzzle gas.

For more information on the documentary film:  GasHole – The Official Movie Website.


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