Collective consumption a growing movement

Most of us have closets full of things we rarely use, but can’t get rid of, in case we might need them sometime, such as tools, baby items, and craft supplies.  Why not have centers in each community where you can borrow, rent, or otherwise share these things?

Someone on the radio today was talking about “collective consumption” as a movement.  Or she may have called it “cooperative consumerism.”  something like that.  …While the name seems hard to pin down, the concept is fantastic.  I’ve recently become aware of new websites such as Neighborgoods, which attempts to connect people who have things with people who wish to borrow them.   I am happy to hear that this theory is evolving into an entire consciousness.  It seems that we have been so wasteful for so long….it is wonderful that people are starting to think of solutions and alternatives.

via Collective consumption a growing movement – Lund University.


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